European resumes - Writing a Resume Video Tutorial | LinkedIn Learning, formerly (2024)

From the course: Writing a Resume

From the course: Writing a Resume

European resumes

- If you thought a CV in the United States was confusing, you're really going to have some fun comparing and contrasting that to a CV in Europe but we'll get through it together. Let's start with the obvious point that Europe is a region and not a country. Therefore, each country in that region will have its own nuances and style that is unique to them. I will, however, be using the term Europe or European in an intentionally generic way in order to simplify the concepts. Adding to the confusion is the fact that in most European countries, the curriculum vitae, or CV, is the accepted form for applying for a job. In essence, it is to European countries what a resume is to the United States and in Europe, it may be referred to as a resume even though the two documents are quite different. But with more and more global travel and multinational companies, they US resume is occasionally accepted in place of a CV. Let's take it from the top. The major differences between a European CV and a resume are in its length. A US resume is not usually longer than two pages. A US CV can be upwards of 10 pages but a European CV is usually two to three pages. There's actually a European standard CV created by the EU administration called the Europass CV. It's available in the exercise files and when you open it, you'll immediately see the differences. CVs, as with most documents in Europe, are printed on A4-size paper. It's a standard in Europe and you will need to format your resume appropriately when submitted online so that when it is printed, the margins won't shift and your work will appear as you intended it. The European CV will include personal information that will not be expected to appear on a resume in the US. Photos, marital status, age, hobbies and nationality are standard in many countries, though it is becoming increasingly optional. Education is another area of difference. While high school information is not included on a US resume, a European CV will likely include some secondary school information even if a college degree or other advanced degree is also included. Military training is also expected, depending upon the country you're applying in and should be included when applicable. What stands out the most is the detail expected when it comes to skills. Starting with language skills. You can expect this to be an area where detail is needed due to the number of languages spoken in Europe. Having a good idea of just how proficient a person is in each language is very important. But some of the other areas, such as managerial skills, communication skills and job-related skills are specifically called out in a way that we are not used to in the United States. You'll need to do more specific research for the countries to learn the specific expectations that you will need to meet. One example of customization for a specific country is within the UK, references play a large part in being hired, so when listing prior employers, include not only the geographic location but the complete address, along with the phone number. In the US, this information is usually saved for the job application or as part of providing references and do your research. The internet has made everyone closer and brought information to our fingertips that previously would have been hard to obtain. So you can see, applying for a job in another part of the world isn't nearly as difficult as you first imagined.


    • Writing a successful resume 1m 1s
    • The goal of an objective statement 3m 48s
    • Your summary of skills section 2m 34s
    • Showcase professional work experience 3m 58s
    • How to present your education 2m 29s
    • Display membership in an organization 3m 20s
    • Showcase volunteer work and experience 2m 18s
    • Add a technical or computer skills section 2m 50s
    • Customize identifying information 1m 59s
    • Include optimal contact information 4m 31s
    • Include keywords in professional experience 2m 58s
    • Tailor your education to match the job 2m 43s
    • How to use achievements on your resume 4m 32s
    • Use awards to upgrade your resume 2m 36s
    • When to include publications on your resume 3m 17s
    • Resume formats and layouts 4m 35s
    • Resume-friendly software 3m 5s
    • The functional resume 4m 33s
    • United States curriculum vitae (CV) 3m
    • European resumes 3m 50s
    • Marketing resumes 3m 43s
    • Entertainment resumes 2m 24s
    • Design/architecture resumes 3m 36s
    • Tips for college grads and early careers 3m 17s
    • How to tackle large gaps and longevity 3m 50s
    • How to handle a career change 4m 18s
    • Tips for job hoppers 3m 4s
    • Manage long term unemployment 3m 53s
    • Use your objective to focus the reader 3m 13s
    • How to showcase the skills an employer wants 3m 3s
    • Use your experience as a roadmap 2m 27s
    • Strategies for using your education 2m 58s
    • The value of your volunteer work 2m 25s
    • Use thank you notes to follow up 2m 46s
    • Prepare your references 3m 37s
    • How to follow up without stalking 3m 19s
    • Manage your online presence 4m 54s
    • Resumes and online applications 3m 29s
    • How to use a resume during an interview 4m 55s
    • Resumes and networking 2m 56s
    • Resumes and informational interviews 2m 54s
    • Identifying companies 3m 11s
    • Determining fit 3m 48s
    • Finding a contact 4m 4s
    • Next steps for job search success 1m 25s
European resumes - Writing a Resume Video Tutorial | LinkedIn Learning, formerly (2024)
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