Latin America Podcast Ranker - Top Podcasts - January 2022 (2024)


Triton Digital's Podcast Metrics measurement service is certified by the IAB Tech Lab as complying with Version 2.1 of the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines.


The Latin America Podcast Ranker lists the Top 100 LATAM podcasts consumed by listeners who are located in Latin America.

The LATAM Podcast Ranker is based on 4 or 5 week reporting periods (Monday to Sunday) that align closely with a calendar month. The reporting calendar, using Average Weekly Download and User metrics, improves trendability by minimizing the impact of the varying length of calendar months and other factors that can impact media consumption. Participating entities that opt-in for measurement are included. Downloads and Users are measured in accordance with the latest IAB Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines.

For podcasts with multiple categories in the RSS feed, we display and filter by only the first category.


  • Downloads - A ‘download’ is a unique file request that was downloaded. Downloads include complete file downloads, progressive downloads, as well as partial downloads in accordance with the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines v2.1 filtering rules (i.e. spiders and bots, data centers, one-minute of content minimum download, etc.). This process filters multiple requests from the same IP address, user agent, episode and date.
  • Publisher - An entity that represents a group of podcasts that it either commissions, produces itself or acts as the primary representative for that content in Latin America.
  • Rank
    • "Debut" indicates that the show is new to the ranker, making its debut for the first time in the last 13 months.
    • "Return" indicates that the show has returned to the Top 100 after having not appeared in the previous reporting period(s).
Latin America Podcast Ranker - Top Podcasts - January 2022 (2024)
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