Trump University Case: Who Is Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel? (2024)

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  • The bigger picture

    The Trump University case with La Raza Lawyers member Judge Curiel is the opening move of a much larger fight.

    You may not recall this but "Ted" Cruz was the founding editor of the Harvard Latino Law Review. He was only "Ted" in mixed company. For the Latino Law Review, he was Rafael E. Cruz. Does anybody stop to ask why latinos have their own bar association, their own harvard law review, their own lawyer groups?

    Also understand that Associate Justice Sotomayor is affiliated with the Nacional Council por La Raza and is currently deliberating on the US v Texas appeal case that blocked DAPA. We might as well have Pancho Villa deciding the outcome of this case. Moreover, Associate Justice Kagan argued against the SB1070 case in her capacity as Solicitor General. Neither justice has been recused from the US v Texas case.

    If you still have any faith left in our republic, call, write, or e-mail the House representatives on the House Judiciary Committee asking them to bring the subject of judicial disqualification before the committee, particularly regarding the Supreme Court. The House of Representatives can impeach judges and they even impeached Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase in 1805 (though the Senate later acquitted). Judicial disqualification is warranted in the Trump U case as well as the US v Texas case.

    Whatever you do, don't retreat now!

  • Appears Judge Gonzalo Curiel May Be the Racist…not Trump


    by Sher Zieve, ©2016 7, 2016) — Before getting into the racially-challenged Judge Curiel, here is a brief history of La Raza for those who are, yet, unfamiliar with the organization. I started writing about La Raza (and MEChA) in 2006. Both of these are virulent racist anti-white organizations that want to have US land ceded to Mexico, will effect riots and all manner of violence to do so and have gotten a pass from the current administration. Instead, Obama appointed former Head of La Raza Cecilia Munoz to 2 positions in his White House…that of Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and the position she currently maintains as the Director of the White House Council.

    Munoz has been with the ObamaGov since it began in January 2009. She wields a great deal of power and is, arguably, one of the strongest racists in his administration.

    The Southwest Council of La Raza (SWCLR) was founded in 1968 and with funding from—amongst others—the leftist Ford Foundation, it quickly became the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). La Raza means “The Race” and it began as a Mexican-specific organization. The group’s motto is “Everything for The Race. Outside The Race…Nothing!” La Raza is a hard-line Marxist organization and it openly expresses hatred for white people. Even Marxist Cesar Chavez talked against the group when he commented “I hear more and more Mexicans talking about la raza—to build up their pride. Some people don’t look at it as racism, but when you say ‘La Raza,’ you are saying an anti-gringo thing, and it won’t stop there. Today it’s anti-gringo, tomorrow it will be anti-Negro.

    We had a stupid guy who just wanted to play politics with the union, and he began to whip up La Raza against the white

    volunteers, and even had some of the farm workers and the pickets and the organizers hung up on La Raza. So I took him on. These things have to be met head on. On discrimination, I don’t even give the members the privilege of a vote, and I’m not ashamed of it. No, the whole business of discrimination can’t exist here. So often, these days, the leaders are afraid, and even though they feel strongly against racism, they will not speak out against it. If the leadership is united, then it can say, ‘All right, if you’re going to do things that way, then you’ll have to get rid of us.’ You have to speak out immediately, the first time.”

    Judge Curiel is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. Most of these attorney groups claim they have “no affiliation with NCLR). However, they seem to follow the same tenets as the national group, including but, not limited to support for illegal immigrants (specifically Mexican, Latino, Hispanic) entering the USA.Continuing to flout US law, Judge Curiel, also, gave US school scholarships to Mexican illegal aliens. An Obama-appointed judge who won’t obey laws he doesn’t like. Hmmm. Sound familiar? And has searched naturalization records but could find none showing that Curiel’s parents who migrated from Mexico were ever US citizens.

    Yes, folks. It appears Mr. Trump is correct. And who is the real racist? To me…it certainly doesn’t appear to be Trump.

    We must all remain vigilant, now, and watch what people do, listen to what they say and then investigate both. It’s essential to survival.

    “This is why I speak to them in parables: “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand”–.Matthew 13:13

    National Council of La Raza Meet The Pro-Illegal Immigrant Groups The La Raza Lawyers Of San Diego Consider Part Of Their ‘Community’
    Judge Presiding Over Trump University Case Is Member Of La Raza Lawyers Group [VIDEO] Judge Gonzalo Curiel gave scholarships to illegal immigrants and was a member of an anti-White Hispanic group

  • Trump is being railroaded - can't get a fair honest trial from this bunch.


    One of the law firms representing the plaintiffs in the Trump University lawsuit, who were appointed by the judge hearing the case, have massive financial ties to Hillary Clinton and the former president.

    Liberal pundits and media talking heads

    mocked Trump when he accused the attorneys as being “very hostile” and biased “haters” but it now appears there is ample evidence to support his claims of unfairness in the case.

    The law firm Robbins Geller was appointed to represent the Donald Trump plaintiff by federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

    Darren Robbins, Robbins Geller chairman, donated $2,700 to Hillary’s campaign but the firm itself has been tied into more than $500,000 in donations to Clinton.

  • We have to get loud about it. The facts are on our side.
  • I will never retreat synaptic. I know these people, I know what they're up to, and it's a very bad example and a poor reflection on most Americans of Hispanic, Mexican and Latino descent who are not La Raza, so these La Raza attorneys are using their organizations to boost and propel an anti-American agenda deep within our political system with most Americans of Hispanic descent unaware of what they're up to.

    Curiel is La Raza. That's why he's doing what he is doing to Trump in this lawsuit, it's probably why he was appointed to take over the case in 2014. Trump's lawyers wanted him to recuse himself in 2014 for what Trump's lawyers believed was bias and prejudicial actions against Trump. So this is a problem that's been waging for awhile now over several different types of biased rulings.

  • Your head is in the right place here but I've seen some other people waffling as the establishment GOP piles-on.
  • Ay Carumba! Death Record For #JudgeCuriel Papa’s Proves New York Times Lying About U.S. Citizenship

    June 9, 2016 by Charles C. Johnson 14 Comments
    Gonzalo Curiel, anchor baby turned federal judge!

    The death certificate for the father of the controversial Mexican judge confirms that Curiel’s parents were not U.S. citizens when he was born.

    Death records from Indiana records confirm that Salvador Curiel died a Mexican citizen in 1964… not as the New York Times’s Alan Rappeport reported in an anti-Donald Trump article.

    Salvador Curiel’s death record shows that he’s a Mexican citizen.

    But Rappeport claimed that the elder Curiel had died a U.S. citizen. He didn’t.

    Here’s what Rappeport wrote:

    Judge Curiel, 62, was born in East Chicago, Ind., to parents who had emigrated from Mexico. Raul Curiel said their father, Salvador, arrived in Arizona as a laborer in the 1920s, eventually receiving citizenship and becoming a steelworker. Their parents were married in Mexico in 1946, and their mother, Francisca, became a citizen after joining her husband in the United States.

    In fact Salvador Curiel never received U.S. citizenship and Francisca became a citizen in 1969–five years after her husband died and 18 years after her last son — the future judge Gonzalo Curiel — was born.

    So the New York Times got it wrong. They didn’t do their fact checking. Oops.

    Could the fact that Mexican telecom billionaire Carlos Slim’s ownership of The New York Times have played a role?

    After all, Slim makes money when the Mexican illegal immigrants in the U.S send money home. So too does a lot of the Mexican government now that remittances have surpassed oil as the number one source of revenue for the Mexican government.

    Might they have an incentive to increase the number of illegals in the U.S.?

    Might Mexican judges who are connected to the Mexican government and proud of their Mexican heritage care about what happens to Mexico?

    We reached out to Rappeport at his email address:

    Hi Alan,
    You wrote that Judge Curiel’s father died as a U.S. citizen.
    In fact, the death records for Salvador Curiel from the Indiana records.
    How did this happen? Did you not check it?

    We’ll update it if we get a response.

    Here’s the thing for the media.

    We had this research early on. We were waiting for you guys to screw up.

    We were just waiting for Fox News, the cuckservative establishment, and the New York Times to reveal that they don’t know what they are talking about.

    It’s how builds credibility and you, despite all your billionaire backings, lose it. has received hundreds of emails about the controversial judge thanking us for our work.

  • Quote:

    After all, Slim makes money when the Mexican illegal immigrants in the U.S send money home. So too does a lot of the Mexican government now that remittances have surpassed oil as the number one source of revenue for the Mexican government.

    Slim makes money on Obamaphones...
  • Law professor backs Donald Trump’s conflict-of-interest charge against federal judge

    By S.A. Miller The Washington Times - June 8, 2016

    A Washington D.C. law professor has given credence to Donald Trump’s charge that U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel has a conflict of interest in a court case involving the likely Republican presidential nominee, saying the judge’s affiliation with a group that advocated for illegal immigrants creates “an appearance of impropriety.”

    Mr. Curiel’s membership and active role in the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, whether or not it creates an actual bias, is enough to disqualify him from presiding over the case, said Victor Williams, a professor at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law.

    “The standard isn’t that one has a personal bias and acknowledges such. That’s not the standard,” he said. “The standard is could there be an appearance of impropriety. That’s the standard.”

    Mr. Trump has suffered stinging rebukes from Democratic and Republican leaders, including being labeled a “racist,” after he said last week that the judge’s Mexican heritage called into question his impartiality in presiding over a civil case against the billionaire businessman.

    Mr. Trump is being sued by students who claim they were ripped off by the Trump University, which teaches courses in real estate strategies.

    The lawsuit has become a painful distraction for the Trump campaign.

    The judge’s affiliation with the La Raza Lawyers Association, which is politically active and supports rights of illegal immigration, “absolutely” meets the standard because Mr. Trump has taken a strong stance against illegal immigration and made it the centerpiece of his presidential campaign, the professor said.

    “He has specifically participated in events where illegal aliens were celebrated, where illegal aliens were promoted with scholarships,” Mr. Williams said of the judge. “On a human basis I say, God bless [illegal immigrants]. But it is clear that from his association with La Raza Lawyers that he has political and ideological affiliation with illegal immigration proponents.”

    Mr. Curiel’s membership in the lawyers association has been cited by conservatives and Trump supporters across the blogosphere as evidence of bias against Mr. Trump, buttressing Mr. Williams claim that the issue at the very least creates the appearance of a conflict of interest.
    The evidence, which Mr. Williams also noted, included Mr. Curiel serving on a committee that awarded a college scholarship in 2014 to a student that described himself as “undocumented.”

    Mr. Williams also is a political activist who previously supported President Obama, waged a short-lived campaign as a write-in candidate for president this year and sued to remove GOP candidate Sen. Ted Cruz from the New Jersey primary ballot.

    He endorsed Mr. Trump this week.

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Trump University Case: Who Is Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel? (2024)
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