The Difference Between BMW (N54, N63, S63) Index 12 Direct Fuel Injectors #13538648937 & #13538616079 (2024)

Update: 1/20/2019

As of 3/26/2018, BMW has made it impossible to order #937 injectors unless the order was part of a warranty claim under a recall. FCP Euro can no longer source or sell #937 injectors and will now be selling #079 injectors moving forward until further notice. However, the information listed below in regards to the #079 and #937 injectors is still relevant while both numbers are still listed in BMW's parts system. At the present moment, the #79 injector now has the material update that was once exclusive to the #937 injector.

Update: 2/13/2020

BMW is back to selling #13538648937 and #13538616079. Although these are two different part numbers, they are the same and it's actually referred to as #13537585261-12. If the box these come in says anything other than that, you can safely assume that they're #261-12.

It's a well known fact that BMW direct fuel injectors in N54, N63, and S63 applications are an important replacement item. In fact, BMW has even had several problems with these injectors where some vehicles in the United States are covered with a 10 year, 150,000 mile warranty on just the injectors. It is also a well known fact that these fuel injectors are expensive to replace and in most cases you must replace all of your BMW Index 12 fuel injectors in one cylinder bank if the index number on the pre-installed injectors are below a certain number. However, as of October 2016 a new injector was released through BMW as part of a TSB specifically for the S63 V8 found in the E70 X5M as well as the E71 X6M.

The new part number cannot be found in the ETK BMW catalog. The service bulletin specifically says to order part #13538648937 instead of #13538616079 which is the expensive injector sold by dealers and most online retailers. Both the #937 and #079 injector are Index 12 and the part number on the injectors both read "13537585261" and then "-12" to notate the index number.

So, what is the difference between 13538648937 & 13538616079?

"Nothing" is the simple answer. Both injectors as referenced are Index 12 and come packaged the exact same way. Initially the #937 injector had a stamping on the metal housing which signified a material update to the injector which included an internal filter and optimized thermal compensating oil.

The good news about this new #937 injector is it is half the price of the #079 injector. We have done some testing on our end and have verified that this new injector performs the same and has the same increments of calibration. For those interested in the TSB from BMW, the number associated with this injector is SI B13 08 15. How can you tell the difference between the standard design and and improved design? Per BMW, there is stamping on the injector noting this. However, the #079 injector now has the same material update identifier on them which indicates the initial changes the #937 injector received also have been applied to the latest stock of #079 injectors. The only difference between these injectors at the end of the day is the retail price.

The TSB is specific for the S63 V8 which is the highest stock output engine that uses this particular type of direct fuel injection system. Remember that the BMW N54, N63, and S63 engine in ETK use the same fuel injector. With that said, the #937 injector can be used in all applications safely, and in theory should be a better long term solution compared to the #079 injector that is specified for N54 and N63 applications.

Remember, when installing these injectors you must carry out a DME calibration by entering the calibration number off the injector during the coding process. Failure to do so will result in poor performance and misfires. FCP Euro also carries an array of BMW specialty tools to aid in installation of these injectors as well. Embedded below is an instructional video of the replacement process (or, if you prefer, in written form).

BMW models that require Index 12 fuel injectors

The N54, N63, and S63 engines are found in numerous BMW models, too many in fact to list here. You can find the full list of models that these Index 12 fuel injectors fit on the product page linked above. However, here is a list of the most popular cars you will find these injectors in:

  • 2010-2013 BMW X5
  • 2008-2014 BMW X6
  • 2007-20010 BMW 335i
  • 2008-2010 BMW 135i
  • 2011-2013 BMW 550i
  • 2009-2016 BMW Z4

The Difference Between BMW (N54, N63, S63) Index 12 Direct Fuel Injectors #13538648937 & #13538616079 (2)

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Gareth is the BMW Make Level Marketer for FCP Euro and has been with the company since 2012. Gareth's BMW obsession started with a hand me down E39 528i when he was 17. From this car he learned how to do his own repair work while also learning more about BMW. When Gareth was at CCSU studying Marketing he had the opportunity to go to SEMA with the college car club. This is where he developed his love of the automotive industry. Since joining FCP in 2012 Gareth has sought out to develop one of the broadest and most accurate BMW replacement parts catalog. he can be reached

The Difference Between BMW (N54, N63, S63) Index 12 Direct Fuel Injectors #13538648937 & #13538616079 (2024)
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