Seraphina - Baby Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity (2024)

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Seraphina - Baby Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity (65)

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Updated February 26, 2024

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:burning ones

Seraphina is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin. This name translates to “burning ones” and are in reference to the seraphim from the Jewish scriptures. The seraphim are the highest-ranking angels of God and are known for their intense passion and zealous love. The name Seraphina can remind baby to follow their own passions through life, making the most of each moment.

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Seraphina Name Popularity Data

The Bump Ranking


is currently#570 on The Bump


is currently#238 on The Bump Girl Names

U.S. Births


is currently#1954 in U.S. births


is currently#754 in U.S. births

Yearly Ranking Change:







+ 86



In comparison to the previous year's data

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Seraphina - Baby Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity (2024)
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