How To Make A Man Crazy About You – Relationship Mentors (2024)

Smart ladies don’t throw themselves at men!

Rather, they make guys go crazy about them because of the way they portray themselves before men.

Many ladies that have been heartbroken because of the way men treated them shouldn’t have experienced any pain if they knew the secret desires of every man, and handle fulfilling such desires.

If you know what a guy really wants, and give it to him, he will be so crazily in love with you that he becomes almost ‘out of place’ in the presence of any other lady.

You want to know the secret of how to make a man crazy about you?

Then let’s dive in as I show you one after the other.

1. Make Yourself Scarce

Give him a chance to miss you by creating an absence.

Even when you want to feel his arms wrapped around you and his voice rumbling in his chest as you lay on him.

Resist. Want to know how to make a man crazy about you?

Create the same distance as regards delaying taking his phone calls, avoiding going to places where you are likely to bump into each other and with you mumbling out excuses he sees through your ruse and laughs at your childish antics.

He fancies you even more when he does not get to see you every day and fashions out tricks of his own to have you around him at all costs.

2. Tease Him

Want to make a man crazy about you? Then do the sure fire thing of playing hard to get.

The trick is not to overdo it, but keep him on tether hooks of desire, longing and lust.

It may seem cruel to the neutral to toy with the emotions of someone who is clearly enamored with you.

But as a woman who may have been played with in the past, it is vital to use those bitter lessons in the past to aid you in applying restraint and not reveal your emotions to a man too early.

Granted, the general consensus is that men are douche bags, but there are a lot of good guys out there, who are not looking to play games.

But to be on the safe side, tease him and shut him down initially on equal measure. He will work overtime to let you see he is a good guy and wants to be with you.

3. Boost His Ego

Nothing makes a man happier in his relationship than the fact that he feels valued by his woman.

His woman makes him feel like a superhero and like a man who can do anything.

Make sure you hype that man to his face, his friends and family and he will worship you.

You are basically giving him the tonic of self-confidence and ego boost he needs to go out into the world and conquer.

4. Control The Conversations

This is basically the simple rules of communicating in a relationship that ensures control on your end.

Love is a game that can be played satisfactorily by both parties, for as long as they want.

For your case however and in this context, make sure you end conversations either face to face on the phone, first.

That means you exercise an element of control over him that keeps him plodding away looking to gain your full attention at all times. He also wants that measure of control.

Carrying this strategy on will challenge him and see you as a prize he has to have.

This will go a long way to make him crazy about you. Take my words for it!

5. Be Irresistible

Manipulate his mind by making sure semblances of your person are represented all around him, even when you are not there in person.

Plant your intimates in strategic parts of his house for him to discover and spray your signature perfume on his furniture.

So when he rolls around on his sofa watching TV he gets a whiff that reminds him of you or goes to the fridge to get a cold one, he sees leftover meal packages of yours that gets him thinking of you.

The plan is to stay in his mind all day.

6. Flirt

Nothing makes a man crazy about you like flirting with him! Men love it, if it is done with all sense of modesty.

Be seen to be flirty with other people when you are out and about with friends. He will make moves to monopolize your time and attention but do not let him.

Let him see you having fun and socializing with other people. He has to know you can function without him and have a ton of fun that is not generated by him.

Do not have a moment of pause in your quest to get him going, link hands with random people, have animated chats with mutual friends in small groups without him, avoid eye contact with him and limit physical contact with him while you are out with friends.

You will watch him scramble to hold your attention, catch your eye and give you small hugs to let you and everyone there know he is the man in your life.

7. Make Him Feel Important

One of a man’s secret desires is the need to feel important. It’s the food every man desires to eat, and if you care enough to know, it is far more important than his desire for sex!

The need to feel important is one major way to make a man crazy about you.

If you convey to him that you welcome and solicit his advice and opinions on everything you are trying to accomplish, he will go crazy for you for sure.

Experts on relationships will assure you that letting a man lead and feel important in the union will make for a very successful relationship.

Ask for his help also in carrying out tasks whether around the house or on official grounds.

Let him handle predominantly masculine tasks for you, like taking your car for servicing, lifting heavy stuff and fixing minor electrical problems in the house.

You are wise to boost his masculinity and not to emasculate him. A man who feels you make him feel like a man, will be stuck on you, like the proverbial glue.

8. Go Away With Your Friends

Pack a bag full of the most outrageous and skimpy outfits and go on a mini vacation with your girlfriends.

You have to be able to do other things on your own and have fun while you’re at it.

Make sure to take plenty of saucy pictures and post on your social media platforms.

Keep the comments open and respond to the keenest admirers. He is bound to see all the steamy pictures while he’s going through your timeline to see what you are up to.

Do not be surprised to see your phone blowing up and him sending sappy messages to get you to come back to him.

Laugh at him and make good jokes and add a couple more days to the vacation for good measure.

When you get back home eventually, you will find a love struck man who has been pining for you for days.

9. Slow Things Down

You can take steps to slow the pace of your relationship to a pace you are most comfortable with.

It doesn’t matter if he gets freaked out with the change of attitude from you. You know why you have to employ such measures.

You can limit the number of days you stay over at his place, even if it is more comfortable than yours.

Same applies to how much sex you’re having. Put a limit on the level of intimacy you dish out. He will be taking your reticence as possibly you are losing interest in him.

If he is a good guy who loves you, he will work to bring things back to normal. Try this, it works. He can go head over heels to ensure you have his attention.

And it will be obvious you've succeeded to make him crazy about you.

10. Limit Social Media Updates

To keep him going crazy over you, starve him of information.

He potentially is always scouring the internet looking to see all your recent activities and posts to find out where you are and what you are doing.

So effect a social media blackout. Save all your sexy pictures in a folder and post them gradually and days apart.

Also do not comment on shared friend’s social media posts, as that would be giving your status and possible location away.

You may be creating a needy monster, but who cares, he loves you. And that is all that counts.

11. The Power Of Your Touch

A well cultivated body language can serve more purpose than full blown sex.

It speaks to man, holds his interest and maintains his desire for you.

Simple things like leaning into him real close when he speaks, laughing loudly at his jokes and pushing him way playfully, eye f*ck him at sudden moments and mimic his movements when he is looking at you.

This makes him feel certain he has a strong hold over you and his love for you is reciprocated.

12. Understand His Habits

Want to make him crazy about you? Make the effort to get to know him beyond the physical level.

Understand how his mind works and what drives him. This leads to his habits. The little things he does that makes him feel sane and the most comfortable, with you around or alone.

Habits like how he likes his meals, how he takes his coffee, morning habits, meaning, what he likes to do first thing in the morning.

When you identify these core habits, act on them and make him feel he isn’t crazy for acting in the way he does.

Your work is to uplift him and not to bring him down. Guaranteed to make him adore you.

13. Love Notes

You need to invest in proper penmanship or the gender reflective version of that term.

It is one thing to comment on social media and engage in PDA.

The most romantic way of verbalizing your love for your man is writing words of profound love on perfumed notes and dropping them on the floor of his wardrobe, his briefcase and dashboard.

Just anywhere he can easily find them and soak in the mushy, heart lifting words.

It is powerful and romantic for your man when he has a woman who takes that effort to uplift him and make him feel loved. Be sure, love is all you will get in return.

14. Self Therapy

Invest in your mental and physical health. Engage in activities that give you joy and happiness.

Your happy, confident, go lucky disposition will be irresistible to your man and he will always desire your company. Fact here is this does not have to cost you much to achieve.

Read books, go to self-help seminars, sign up to a gym, go for long walks to release endorphins that energize you. Hang out with good friends with the same cheerful disposition, so you all share that positive vibe.

Everyone likes hanging out with people who are always cheerful and optimistic.

Your man is no exception. He won’t hide his obsession for you when you are the reason for his smile.

15. Be Spontaneous

You may have to go against your true nature to swing this one. Showing him a different side of you that will surprise and thrill him.

Things are bound to go stale after a while, but if you choose to be spontaneous and delight your man in something he has never had before he will be drawn to you for sure.

It is thinking outside the box for sure, but the results are going to be worth it. Surprise him with tickets to go see his favorite team play, even if you are not into sports.

That will touch his heart, for sure, because he knows what lengths you went to, to make that happen.

Be creative and think up other surprising scenarios that are unique to your relationship and go through with them.

All for the sake of love. How will a guy be able to get you off his mind when you do all of this? I bet you he has no choice but to be crazy about you,

16. Its Okay To Say No

It is hard to really invest in something long term that you got really easy. Just like something falling into your lap.

You can’t really appreciate it as much. So goes a woman who does not put up a fight in anything, from arguments or discussions.

Do not be quick to say yes to everything he suggests, because it makes you look like a pushover. Your man expects a back and forth sequence in his interactions with you.

He respects you even more when you show a backbone when talking to him.

I am not advocating being rude or disrespectful, but sometimes it does not hurt to put your foot down and let your man know you don’t see things his way all the time and you may have a different opinion.

Trust me, he may act exasperated, but he secretly looks forward to engaging in that mental battle with you, that gets really spirited and then leads to other fun activities. Your man loves that for sure.

17. Go On Vacations

Want to know what is better than going on a vacation with a woman? The fact that she is paying for it. That’s right!

Surprise that man with a vacation. Something within your budget of course. No point going broke, trying to take your man on a vacation to an exotic island.

Connecting won’t be a problem in these unique circ*mstances. Spending quality time together is bound to strengthen the bond between you and your man.

18. Give Him Space

You don’t need to be buzzing around him all the time. Give him the opportunity to hang out with his friend’s guilt free.

All men want to hang out with their male friends and talk without restraint.

Sometimes in colorful language that will make your ears burn, if you are there. It feels like he is allowing you to vent. He needs this time away with his boys to have that feeling of being single even if it’s for a few hours.

Let him get out all the lewd language and jokes that he can’t say in front of you, out with his friends.

It can be therapeutic for men, for some reason.

Let him get that phase out of his system and his life and perhaps very quickly, realize how much that is played out and hanging out with you is all he needs.

It will happen eventually and you will both be better for it.

19. Be Original

Embrace all the flaws and kinks about you that make you unique. All the quirky and crazy attributes that made him fall in love with you.

If you, in an ill-advised state, decide to change parts of your personality, he will find it strange and think you are fake.

Keep being you, with just some minor improvements and adjustments because we all have to evolve in some way.

He is with you because of the qualities you possess that are different from the other girls he has been with and those around him. He loves your uniqueness for sure.

20. Create Memories

Memories are powerful. Most times when we relive the sweet memories of the past, we have goosebumps all over us.

What is more, if you make a man have sweet memories of your kind gestures to him, he will go crazy about you again and again.

Be that fantastic, magnetic queen, he swore to love and adore. Let your personality shine through as you both travel through this complicated maze called life.

Be down to create memories with him by being adventurous and be willing to try new things. Fill your days with fun things and awesome activities.

When he looks back during low moments, all he will recollect are great memories of you both and he will be even more willing to create new ones with you, because you are the woman of his dreams.

21. Do Not Be A Bore

Avoid being the boring girlfriend. Nagging, finger snapping and unduly disagreeable.

Be the woman he fell in love with at the same time maintain the level of respect you have always shown him.

He is with you because of the natural and mature way you conduct yourself, so don’t start applying strange new techniques you picked up from the internet or some dodgy friends to start acting weird.

Do not try to change him also, because one of the reasons he is with you is because you allow him to be himself.

You don’t laugh at his ideas or make a mockery of his core beliefs. Instead elevate him and support him any chance you get.

Be the light in his life.

How To Make A Man Crazy About You – Relationship Mentors (2024)
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