Chord ai – Chords and beats for any song! (2024)

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Chord ai – Chords and beats for any song! (1)

Get the Chord ai app for free and get the right chords for any song instantly

Chord ai – Chords and beats for any song! (2)

Chord ai – Chords and beats for any song! (3)

Pick up any song

You can load a song from YouTube, SoundCloud, your audio files, or simply use your device microphone

Chord recognition

Chord AI brings the latest deep learning algorithms into your phone to get you the exact chords for any song

Beat tracking

Chord AI’s beats and downbeats tracking algorithms give you the tempo and let you grasp a song structure easily by segmented it in to bars and beats

Key recognition

The key of any song is inferred accurately from the detected chords

Chord dictionary

All chord diagrams for guitar, piano or ukulele will help you quickly learn how to play a song

Real-time chord recognition

Use your device microphone to recognize what you're playing or any song you're listening

Instrument separation

Multitrack separation into 4 stems: bass / vocals / drums / other. Export individual stems as .wav audio files.

Audio to Midi

Midify any audio into a midi track based on Spotify’s latest research Basic Pitch

Lyrics recognition

OpenAI’s recent Whispermodel lets you get high quality speech and lyrics transcription of any song

Chord ai uses recent advances in AI to give you the chords and beats of any song automatically with unprecedented accuracy. You won’t need anymore to look for the chords of a song on the web.

Chord ai – Chords and beats for any song! (4)

Chord ai – Chords and beats for any song! (5)

Chord ai has more than 500k users with an 4.7+/5 average rating on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store!




Amazing is not the word
How is this even possible? What an app! Just phenomenal. Accuracy is outstanding. Speed of analysis is outstanding. The elegance of the user interface is highly friendly. Take a bow, sir. This is brilliant stuff!!




Amazing app!!!
I was skeptical. Didn’t think it could really identify chords beyond basic triads but it is actually really good at identifying major sevenths, dominant sevenths, diminished, augmented and even altered dominant chords… Unparalleled app, worth much more then what they charge!! Update: this app just gets better and better, grateful for all the updates!!!




本当に優秀なアプリです。無料版だけでも本当に素晴らしいのですが、長期的に使うなら完全版を買って損はないと思います。楽譜をたくさん買わなくても、書籍1冊分のお金で曲を無限に解析できます。本当に感謝しています。 あえて一つ挙げるとすれば、PDF化したデータのコードがもっと大きく表記されたらいいなと思います。

Please feel free to contact us for bug reports, feature requests or just want to get in touch with the developers to know more about our technology and products!

Chord ai – Chords and beats for any song! (6)

Chord ai

Chord ai – Chords and beats for any song! (2024)
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