8 Tips for Creating High Quality Content on Facebook (2024)

8 Tips for Creating High Quality Content on Facebook (1)

Facebook’s News Feed is competitive and getting more so each day. With the advent of smartphones, the ease in which content could be shared increased tremendously – and as a result, so too did the sheer volume of it.

Facebook estimates that for each person there are 1,500 stories that could appear in his or her News Feed. That number increases to as many as 15,000 for people with lots of friends and Page likes. And speaking of Page likes, the total number of Pages liked by a typical Facebook user grew more than 50% in 2013 – thereby once again increasing competition for News Feed space.

Of those 1,500 possible News Feed stories, Facebook chooses 300 to display in each person’s News Feed. In order to help select which stories to display, Facebook constantly monitors and questions its users. In a recent survey, over hundreds of thousands of users told Facebook they wanted to see less promotional content and more stories. So, Facebook changed its algorithm accordingly.

Today, if you want your business’s post appearing in customer News Feeds, focus on high quality content, not on promotional-type advertising.

Creating High Quality Content

So, how to come up with high quality content? Here are 8 tips to guide you.

  1. Find out what your customers want. To do that, spend some time thinking about the types of people who become your customers, and focus on the few types that are the most prevalent. Find out what your customers are interested in, what they want to know or do, and create content around it.
  2. History tells a story. Look back in your business’s archives – newsletters, research reports, catalogues – to find great content that can be repurposed for Facebook. There are unmined jewels just lying about your workplace.
  3. Ask questions. Questions are a great way to start a conversation with your followers…and conversations are a great way to grow your relationship with them.
  4. Use images or video. Posting photos on Facebook is the best way to increase engagement because images are easier to take in than text. Use only high quality photos and/or video – and make sure they are relevant to your audience.
  5. Use curated content. It’s okay to share content from others – make it your own by adding your take on it. Remember, this is your own special area where you get to share those things that speak to your business thereby showing what its all about to others.
  6. Keep posts under 250 characters. Facebook isn’t the place to post long involved dissertations. Keep things simple and to the point, and feel free to show your business’s personality.
  7. Create a call to action. The goal of your Facebook Page is to deepen your relationship with your customers. If your posts simply mention your product, it’s like talking at someone versus allowing them to participate as well. Be sure to add posts that ask your customers to participate by using suggestions to “Visit our website” or “Call us”. Invite them in.
  8. Post early in the morning and late afternoon. Facebook has its strongest engagement on weekdays. Post early in the morning before the workday begins, or late in the afternoon when the workday is coming to an end.
  9. Know what works. Why continue to post content that doesn’t appeal? In order to find out what is working – and what is not – visit the Page Insights at the top of your Page. By doing so, you’ll get a better understanding of the types of posts your customers want to see in their News Feeds.
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8 Tips for Creating High Quality Content on Facebook (2024)
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