360 Degree Feedback Samples [Multi-Rater System] (2023)

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  • What are 360 degree feedback samples?
  • How to use 360 degree feedback samples
  • Three 360 degree feedback samples
  • Final thoughts on 360 degree feedback samples

What are 360 degree feedback samples?

A 360 degree feedback sample is an example of feedback from a 360 degree evaluation.This type of feedback system, also known as multi-rater feedback, is typically collected for an employee or individual in order to offer both praise and constructive criticism. This is generally done in the form of a survey where people rate attributes - including personality, skills, teamwork, etc. - on a scale along with some freeform text to describe their thoughts about the person in question.

The concept of 360 degree feedback is that many people who know you well - including your manager, peers, and direct reports - fill out a survey or feedback form about your performance. The results provide an objective assessment of your performance and management skills across a variety of qualities that contribute to success in the workplace. The 360 review questionnaire typically includes both qualitative feedback and an open ended question to allow for a thorough evaluation from the rater group.

The most common type of 360 degree feedback is for individual employees rather than teams. However, there are times when 360 degree feedback is used to rate an entire team.

When you receive your 360 degree feedback report, you will typically see results in the form of numerical ratings on various attributes or skills. For example, one 360 feedback sample said that the person giving the feedback was " great at utilizing new technologies" and rated this attribute as "strong (4)."

You may also be given more detailed feedback, which you can use to learn how to better manage your employees' performance. Sometimes 360 degree feedback includes behavioral descriptions for each rating. For example, one 360 feedback sample rated the person as "does not communicate well with their manager" and included this description:"This person is very quiet in meetings. They usually just stay quiet and try to blend in."

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360 degree feedback is great for both individuals and teams because it can help employees grow and develop new skills. It has the potential to increase employee engagement and staff competency. It is a versatile assessment tool which also provides valuable insight into how their boss, peers, and direct reports view someone as a team leader. And finally 360 degree feedback takes only about five to fifteen minutes of an employee's time.

How to use 360 degree feedback samples

One of the most common complaints of 360 degree feedback is that it's difficult to get your employees to complete their surveys honestly and openly. However, you can combat this problem by allowing anonymous feedback as well as encouraging honest responses and giving examples of how honest feedback has helped previous managers grow and develop.

These 360 degree feedback samples are meant to give you an idea of what you and your employees can expect after implementing the 360 degree feedback process. Before you pass out your 360 degree feedback questionnaires you'll want your respondent to know what appropriate feedback looks like and how to be appropriate even when giving negative ratings.You'll want to encourage them to give honest feedback while remaining professional and upbuilding, no petty insults.You can provide samples of these types of feedback (edited to match your team culture if necessary) to help your respondents understand the tone you are looking for.

There are many different 360 degree feedback samples you can use to get started. This article will provide three examples - two for individuals and one for a team.

Three 360 degree feedback samples

First up is an individual example of 360 degree feedback. This person has been rated on their leadership skills, communication skills, ability to work in a team, and ability to resolve conflicts.

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Leadership Skills: Very Strong (4)

  • "This person has great leadership potential."
  • "This person is very confident in their role as group leader. They are able to get the most out of everyone on the team."
  • "This person has the ability to lead small groups."
  • "Highly effective at leading work groups. Able to resolve conflicts among participants."

Communication Skills: Very Strong (5)

  • "Excellent verbal communication skills. This person communicates very well on both a personal and group level. They are not afraid to speak up when necessary."
  • "This person has above average presentation, interpersonal and written communication skills."
  • "Great at relaying information to their peers in a clear and concise manner."

Ability to Work in a Team: Strong (4)

  • "Very easy going. This person is able to fit in with any group easily."
  • "This person is a team player. They are receptive to feedback from other group members."
  • "Is able to work well with others and does not have any problems working in a team setting or group."
  • "Highly skilled at working in a team setting. Able to resolve conflicts among participants."

Ability to Resolve Conflicts: Very Strong (5)

  • "This person has a great ability to resolve conflicts quickly."
  • "This is a highly effective team member. Although they have strong opinions, they are also open to the ideas of others. They can always bring a group together and focus on producing an outcome."
  • "Great at resolving conflicts among group members. He/she is able to bring different opinions together and facilitate a positive outcome."
  • "Highly effective at resolving conflicts. This person has a strong understanding of the key players on the team and how their actions affect others."

For a second sample, consider this example of 360 feedback for an employee that was rated on their communication skills, ability to work in a team, and creativity. This person received more mixed reviews in answer to 360 degree feedback questions than the individual above.

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Communication Skills: Not Developed (2)

  • "This person has a tendency to be controlling and not share information and ideas with his team members and other people he works with. "
  • "Does not communicate well, often coming across as arrogant."
  • "This person has made strides to become more open and honest with his team members"

Ability to Work in a Team: Under Developed (3)

  • "This person prefers working alone. He is not very effective at building relationships."
  • “This person contributes to team activities but has difficulty building rapport with coworkers”
  • "This person has worked hard at building strong relationships with people from all over the company, even when they have personality clashesor different backgrounds"

Creativity: Strong (4)

  • "This person has really helped when we've been brainstorming new ideas for campaigns, events, etc."
  • "This person has great creative skills. He/she is able to bring fresh ideas to the table and come up with solutions that are new and innovative."
  • "Great at generating unique ideas. He/she can always think of original ways to solve problems."

New Media Skills: Very Strong (5)

  • "This person is great with technology and new media. He/she has helped to propel our team forward when it comes to using the internet and social media tools."
  • "Highly skilled at using new media tools such as cloud-based software, websites, etc., for work purposes."
  • "Great at utilizing new technologies. Able to find new ways to use these technologies to do their job better."

A 360 degree feedback survey isn't only used for individuals; sometimes it can be used to rate an entire team. Here is an 360 feedback sample for a team that was rated on its communication skills, ability to work as a team, and creativity.

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Communication Skills: Very Strong (5)

  • "This is one of the finest communication teams I have ever worked with."
  • "Very effective at communicating with their manager across all levels."
  • "They are able to communicate quickly and effectively when something needs to be done."
  • "Highly skilled at communicating on both a personal and group level. They are open to feedback from other team members, receptive to the ideas of others, and always bring a group together to focus on an outcome."

Ability to Work as a Team: Strong (4)

  • "Team is very easy going and able to fit in with any group easily."
  • "Skilled at working in a team setting. They are open to feedback from other team members and receptive to the ideas of others, a pleasure to work with."
  • "They work well together and facilitate high levels of communication and collegiality among the team members."

Creativity: Strong (4)

  • "This is a very creative team. They are able to come up with solutions that are new and innovative."
  • "Great at generating unique ideas. They can always think of original ways to solve problems."
  • "They have great ideas and are very creative when it comes to brainstorming new campaigns, events, etc."

In the end, 360 degree feedback is a great tool for both individuals and teams. Some people might shy away from receiving this type of feedback because they don't want their faults pointed out or they're not good at taking criticism. In reality, the benefits of 360 feedback tool far outweigh its disadvantages. It can help individuals and teams grow and improve, it is often more accurate than self-evaluations, and only takes five to ten minutes to complete.

Final thoughts on 360 degree feedback samples

360 degree feedback is a great tool for both individuals and teams to use. The direct report provides objective analysis of employee performance, insight into how teammates or employees view the individual being rated and helps employees grow.

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An analysis of the samples given tells us these 360 degree feedback recipients received information that likely boosted morale as well as highlighted a few areas that could be improved on. The terminology used in these samples was not too stiff and did not try to sound like a business textbook. Instead they kept things casual and friendly, which they likely felt would be more effective.

If constructive feedback doesn’t come naturally to your team, try using tools like the free Slack app Matter to make it part of everyday team life. Upbuilding, constructive criticism and feedback are important, whether it is part of a 360 degree survey or built into the fabric of daily life.

Although regular use of a feedback app and team review of the 360 degree feedback samples above can be helpful in guiding your employees toward constructive, appropriate feedback. An open discussion will always be key here. Let your employees know what your aim is with your 360 reviews, and how they can be part of reaching those goals. They may surprise you with the morale-building comments and constructive criticism they come up with!


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